Variety is key

About Us

Varietas is an english-based gaming organisation designed to connect players with similar interests. We currently provide for a wide variety of interests ranging from different games to different skills, we have something for everyone! We do currently only focus on a few games but we do welcome everyone no matter what they play.

Some games we currently show interest in are:

  • Minecraft
  • Overwatch
  • Valorant

Not only do we focus on gaming, we also provide a great platform for our members to share their interests and show off what they can do with others! Similar to our games of interest, we focus on a select amount but still provide a platform for many others that meet the interest of our playerbase.

Some interests / hobbies we currently look for besides gaming are:

  • Programming
  • Graphic Design and VFX / Video editing
  • Technology

Why you should join the discord:

Here's some reasons for why you should join the discord, we're better than most we promise!

  • 01 Great laid back but effective staff!

    We understand and recognise that over-moderating a discord server can quickly lead to the downfall of one. In the Varietas discord we put our member's best interests at heart whilst also being quick to extinguish any unnecessary heat that may be going on in the chats. To put things simply, we are laid back and plan to keep it that way, so you can always have a joke and a good laugh in any of the chats!

  • Hosting regular events was how the server grew into what it is today, we have our own dedicated events team working alongside our main staff team to host the best events you can find from a server of our size. These events include custom games for overwatch and valorant as well as on-server events for minecraft! We're also always looking to host events for our partners too, nothing better than linking 2 great communities together to host some awesome events!

  • We're always looking to partner up and work with other servers, communities and even businesses! Ranging from real discord servers and content creators to real companies and even businesses! We also have our own content creator program where we allow our favourite creators to show off what they have!

Varietas MC

We have our own Minecraft Java x Bedrock server! For details on the maintenance, management and structure of the server, CLICK HERE. To vote for the server and support our growth, use the "Vote Now!" button to the side! There are special perks available on the minecraft server for those who vote regularly!

Admin Team

Here's a quick peek at the administrative staff we have here at Varietas, if you want to see our full roster of staff for all areas and platforms, an external list will come soon!



Varietas Founder and Co-Owner

Andeh aka "Andrew" is the Founder and Co-Owner of Varietas, he is a content creator, programmer and full-time student from the UK!
Discord: Andeh#2709



Varietas Co-Owner

EisenDrag aka "Yassin" is the Co-Owner of Varietas, he is a graphic designer and a student from Egypt!
Discord: EisenDrag#7369



Varietas Admin

Noodle aka "Mina" is an admin in the Varietas org, she is a poet who has her very own published book! She is a student from the UAE!
Discord: noodle#2475



Varietas Admin

smokey is a high-skilled person in terms of administration and the Rocket League community, and a great asset to the Varietas Team.
Discord: smokey.#9413



Varietas Admin

Leo is one of our most dedicated Minecraft and Discord staffs across the board and is most definitely a key asset to the team as a whole. He is a full time high-school student from the UK!
Discord: Leо#0001



Varietas Community Manager

Tom is also one of our most dedicated staff across the entirety of Varietas. His skillset and friendliness are 2 key assets to Varietas and have a huge impact on the community and those in it.
Discord: TomT#8738


Here at varietas, we love working with other people, whether that be a business / company, organisation like us or just a discord server, we're always looking to partner and work with people to bring the best out of both parties! Here's a few of our partners, look here for a list of all of out affiliations and partnerships!


BisectHosting are a 5-star hosting company which provide services for a variety of online needs! Ranging from dedicated machines, VPS' and web hosting to game servers for popular titles such as minecraft and valheim.
As well as being a great community, there's always amazing support on hand for all members!

Abberantics Esports

Abberantics is an esports organization established in late December of 2019 that’s constantly expanding and looking for new members. Their goal is to establish a serious competitive scene while maintaining a friendly and casual community where everyone is welcome!

Looking to partner with us?

Contact Andeh on discord (Λndeh#2709) giving us a good description of your server and why you want to partner with us!

Frequently Asked Questions

Have any questions about Varietas? Feel free to ask Andeh or EisenDrag in the discord, or see the following FAQ to see if we can answer them here!

  • When did Varietas start?

    Varietas started off as a discord server for Andeh and his twitch channel back in 2019, but throughout lockdown streaming lowered to a minimum leaving the server with no actual purpose. So the server was transformed into a complete community based server for people to gather and chat every day. But in December 2020 - January 2021, a change was needed and that's when the name Varietas came about. EisenDrag earned his promotion to co-owner and it only improved from there, with member counts scaling by the day. Finally in March 2021, the server underwent its second transformation and is now the unofficial organisation you know it to be now.

  • The minecraft server is fully cross-platform compatible for both Java and Bedrock! For java however it is limited to 1.16 and bedrock does have its bugs and glitches from time to time, since cross-platform isnt yet perfected.

  • The content creator is a newly found program introduced in the varietas community, find more information about it and how it workshere!

  • Simply inviting people to the discord and spreading the word about us is more than enough, however if you wish to support through monetary means, you canDonate here